Our client offers products and solutions ensuring excellence in digital imaging. Due to continued growth, our client is extending its operations by setting up a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Seattle for testing new cameras and lenses. If you are looking for new challenges and have experience in business management and organization, become our new full-time measurements lab manager or lab technician! These positions are open due to continued expansion and growth. Be on the forefront of providing our client’s industry-leading services to a new market!

Lab Manager

The Lab manager will be responsible for setting up the lab and then managing camera and lens image quality testing.

Job Description

  • Set up the U.S. lab and manage daily operations
  • Organize and manage logistics of camera, lens, and data transfer
  • Recruit and manage technicians
  • Ensure communication with other teams, including internationally
  • Test the image quality of new cameras and lenses according to protocols specified by our team scientists
  • Collaborate with headquarters to improve test protocols.


  • Passionate about digital photography
  • Similar experience in setting up a new lab, launching a new product in a production line, or other relevant projects would be ideal
  • Experience in management and have strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Knowledge of Excel macros, script languages, and C is a plus.

Lab Technician

The Lab Technician will be responsible for tests and measurements of cameras and lenses.

Job Description

  • Test, measure, analyze defects and calibrate cameras and lenses according to protocols specified by our scientist’s teams
  • Produce reliable and precise data reports
  • Maintain lab equipment
  • Participate in improving tools and calibration methods


  • Photographer
  • Background in test and measure in optics, photonics, physics, metrology or similar.
  • Skills in script languages such as SQL, Python, excel macro

These positions will hold competitive salaries and benefits packages.